A Note to My Son

baba and Hadi

It may seem a little odd to write you a small note because you are just over three months old. Promise, I will try to keep it short.

First off, being a father is a tremendous responsibility. Before your birth, I had no idea how being a father would be. Thanks to you, you have thought me a lot. You have truly changed my life for the better.

Second, your mother. She is an amazing person and I am blessed to have her in my life. Soon you will realize it yourself how awesome you mother is.

The moment I saw you and held you in my arms, I had a special feeling in my heart. Honestly, I thought my heart was going to explode with overwhelming love. Son, This love for you is ever growing and everlasting. I am ready to prepare you for this world and promise to be there for you in every situation in life. I will do my best to be the best father. I wish you get everything in this world that you deserve and never settle for less.

This will be your first EID holiday. My heart is filled with joy and words cannot express how excited I am to spend this holiday with you. I wish and pray that you may see many more joyous occasions in your life ahead of you. Eid Mubarak Hadi!

I love you and your mother more than you will ever know.