The UX Axioms

I came across this interesting list of 26 user experience axioms. Thought I’d share.

The UX Axioms

1. It’s all about people, it’s not about the object.

2. Focus on the experience, not on the function.

3. Stories are how we understand and shape the world.

4. Pay attention to patterns.

5. Problem finding before problem solving.

6. Expose and challenge assumptions.

7. Explore the big picture and the details at once.

8. Know your materiality: people, technology, business, aesthetics…

9. Open your eyes; don’t trust what people say.

10. Create models not just narratives; use frameworks

11. Reframe constraints as a forcing function.

12. Tame Complexity; don’t simplify

13. Make non-arbitrary design decisions

14. Set and manage expectations

15. Everything is designed and everything is a design challenge

16. Break silos; your role is bigger than you think

17. Say ‘yes and’; don’t always assume ‘either or’

18. It’s about the journey, life-cycle, and transition; not just key moments

19. Externalize your work for yourself and others

20. Create and close feedback loops

21. Make stuff and then kill it

22. Context, context, context

23. Focus on a single thing and then do it really well

24. Understand and play with emotion

25. Engender trust

26. Collaborate with others

Video (28:13):

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