Walmart’s $1.85 billon dollar mistake – Case study

I came across an interesting article Ignore the customer experience, lose a billion dollars (Walmart case study). Thought I’d share.


A couple of years ago walmart sent out a survey to its costumers asking if they would like isles to be less cluttered.

Question: “Would you like Walmart aisles to be less cluttered?

Most of the customers said yes. If asked that way, I think anyone would answer yes.

Answer:”Yes, now that you ask, yes, that would be nice.”

Based on survey results, “Walmart spends hundreds of millions of dollars uncluttering their stores.”

As a result “Sales went down.” and they lost over one billion dollars in sales.


What did they do wrong?

  1. They paid attention to what people said rather than what they did.
  2. Survey asked a Leading question question.


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