Capital One.. Worst Banking Experience

Just sharing an experience with you guys…

Well! I have been having issues with Capital one from day one. Six months ago they were doing business with a third party “MY CHECK FREE”. And if you were signed up for an automated payment for a particular date, it did not matter to my check free. They just authorized a transaction whenever they felt like it. So, I stopped making automated payments and started paying by phone.

One of the representatives told me it would cost me 8 dollars more if I made a payment over the phone. I hung up and called again. Another representative told me they would charge me 14.95 extra to make a payment through the phone. I requested them, if it is possible not to charge that extra free? I received a negative response. However, I did not make a payment that day. A few days later one of the representatives contacted me for account past due. Told me the amount and said if I made a payment right away she would take off the late fee and would only charge the amount owed.

I also had an online account set up and for some reason it does not exist anymore. Tried to enroll and set up an online account. It says call “1-877-442-3764” because the account is temporarily disabled. When I called that number they said, I never had an online account. SO what am I suppose to do? Pay or not to pay? Or may be pay on the phone before the due date by calling customer service and pay extra amount OR Pay a few days late when the representative calls and pay only the amount that is due (no late fees).

So with CAPITAL ONE, I never pay before the due date because I would be paying 8 or 14 dollars for paying it (on time) on the phone. I wait till the account is 3 days past due and a representative calls me. I set up payments for a few months with out any fee. What the Heck? If I pay on time I would have to pay extra but if I pay late and wait for a representative to contact me, I would only pay the amount due

Would I recommend capital one to anyone? Umm… I don’t think so.

4 thoughts on “Capital One.. Worst Banking Experience

  1. Its just a viscous cycle that keeps going on and on. There are too many loop holes in the system and it sucks because the only one that pays the price is the innocent.

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