I quit smoking November 30(Monday), 2009. First day wasn’t that bad. Kept my self busy. Chew a lot of gum. Even though, I wanted to smoke really bad but Made a commitment with myself that I would never smoke again. Bought bottles of water and keep them in my Car and my room. drank a LOT of water the first day.

So what made me stop smoking? I’ll keep it short. Made a deal with my friend to always wear a seat belt and I will quit smoking. Driving without a seat belt is truly gambling with your own life. So wearing a seat belt would benefit my friend and Quitting smoking would benefit me. Not really doing any favor to each other but to ourselves.

I know it will be hard. Especially, the first few weeks or months. But I am glad I made a decision to commit to myself that I WOULD NEVER SMOKE A CIGARETTE AGAIN.

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