The Tmobile myTouch 3G Issues

A few problems that I have faced with Mytouch 3G

  • Speaker volume lowers sometimes, even if it shows max volume on the handset.
    Once, I restart the phone, it goes back to normal.
  • Phone hangs once in a while but not that often.
  • One of the issues I faced was last weekend. I stored someones contact number and the area code
    was accidentally entered wrong. Then I went to that contact, hit “edit contact” and replaced it with
    the new correct area code. When I sent a text message to that contact, it was delivered but reply
    was coming from the wrong wireless number that I previously entered. Had this problem for a day or two, then I contacted Tmobile Android support

    Tried deleting contact from my phone as well as Gmail contacts and stored it all over again. Still, same problem. out going message was delivered but reply was coming from the wrong number.
    weird hmm..? .

    • Apparently, the wrong number was stored somewhere in Cache or somewhere else where it couldn’t not be located. I had to restore phone to factory settings. Now, everything is back to normal. Luckily, all my media files were stored on the SD card and contacts, calendar etc were sync with Gmail. So, didn’t loose much other than just the apps.

      Any similar problems with any other MyTouch 3G users? I found this Android forums. May help some of you.

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